Had an accident?
Not your fault?
Need a courtesy car?

Telephone: 01724 605000

Call Today and we will deal with EVERY aspect of your claim.
We will report the accident to your insurance company on your behalf,
we organise the repairs to your vehicle via the insurance company at fault,
NO EXCESS TO PAY and your no claims bonus remains intact.
ACR will provide a ‘like for like ‘ replacement vehicle to your door at no cost to you.
(Normally your insurance company will only provide a small Corsa/Fiesta type vehicle free of charge).

Office: Above Roundbrand Windows,
Winterton Road,
North Lincs
DN15 0DH.

Registered office: 2 Peel Court,
St Cutherberts Way,
Co Durham,
DL1 1GB.
Registered number: 8419341

Tel: 01724 605000 | Fax: 01724 840817
Email: info@acrclaims.co.uk